I have a micrometer on the way, but for now I’ve only got pictures of the growth. Two weeks ago, all 200,000 oysters covered roughly 1/5 of the bottom of the silo, 2’x2′. Today they have just covered the entire bottom screen, so it’s fair to say that there has been 4-500% growth in the last 14 days. Incredible in itself, what is more incredible is that this has been less than what we’ve expected. I’ll be away for the next week, and I expect another 500% increase, at which time we will split the oysters with an industrial grader and move the faster growers to a different silo. By splitting, it gives the slower oysters a chance to feed without falling behind as oysters two or three times their size pull in all of the nutrients in the area. Runts = profit loss, and profit loss is not one of our goals.


Growth update

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